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Week in Brief--China Energy Industry
China: Solar Firms Face More Penalties..[2014-6-6]
China to unveil petrochemistry development plan..[2014-6-6]
Line C of the Central Asia – China Gas Pipeline becomes operational..[2014-6-6]
China's Sinopec, Kuwait Petroleum ink cooperation pact on oil and refining..[2014-6-5]
China's shale gas costs at least double those in US..[2014-6-5]
U.S.-China Solar Trade War Continues to Escalate
Jul 30, 2014 - The battle between U.S. and Chinese solar manufacturers continues to get worse according to Friday's announcement by the Department of Commerce that they were adding a very punitive anti-dumping tariff to Chinese and Taiwanese solar manufacturers. The announcement has a far-reaching impact on the industry and investors alike.

Last week's anti-dumping tariffs will be placed on top of the anti-dumping tariffs announced in June and will make it next to impossible for Chine.....more
China Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals ..... more
Asia stocks mostly higher before Fed, US data..[2014-7-30]
A new, Eurasian, world order..[2014-7-30]
ABS to class the first CNG carrier..[2014-7-30]
China Coal & Electric Power .....more
China connects 6.32GW to grid in 1H..[2014-7-30]
Coal burning cuts Beijingers' life span by 5 ..[2014-7-30]
China’s coal miners protest as pit closures a..[2014-7-30]
China New Energy Source.....more
U.S.-China Solar Fight Lurches Forward..[2014-7-30]
Funds for flows: financing hydropower..[2014-7-30]
Lacking skilled workers, Chinese contractors ..[2014-7-30]
Related Items.....more
Xinjiang plans to build China-Pakistan econom..[2014-2-19]
Clean-tech firms profit from China’s C02 perm..[2014-2-19]
China's economic growth eases to 7.7 pct in Q..[2014-1-27]
About China Energy Reports
covering China's energy market news and analysis, consisting of regular reports and customized reports such as China Coal Report and China Electric Power Report......more
China LPG Reports
tracking LPG supply and demand situation, domestic refineries, crude runs, price movements, domestic arbitrage, shipping movement and analysis on news and events surrounding the LPG world in China . .....more
China Refining Monthly
providing the detailed and complete monthly statistic data which can help you picturize and understand the refineries’ production situation in China......more
ECF Shale Inspector Weekly
informing what happened in shale oil & gas industry, analysis the behind reasons and forecast the future trend…more
China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly
keeping you informed of the current business activities, policies, major players and project developments of the China natural gas market......more
China New Energy Weekly
bringing into focus the market of China new energy and alternative energy, energy saving and environmental protection......more
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USD 616.45 +.23
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2014-7-30 14:53:00
Editor's Daily Picks
ABS to class the first CNG carrier..[2014-7-30]
Value Partners Classic Fund Comments on PetroChina..[2014-7-30]
Athabasca Oil Corp. rushing to close PetroChina deal..[2014-7-30]
CNOOC Limited - Lishui 36-1 Gas Field Starts Production..[2014-7-30]
Oil Alliance Between China and Costa Rica Comes to Life Again..[2014-7-30]
Zhou Yongkang quickly rose from an oil field technician to become one of China's top politicians..[2014-7-30]
Canadian CEOs to blame for slow Chinese investment, not Stephen Harper, says top takeover expert..[2014-7-30]
China Aviation Oil seeks up to 1.528 mln bbls jet fuel for Aug-Sept..[2014-7-30]
China drafted standards for crude oil delivery..[2014-7-30]
China oil demand strength masks diesel weakness: Clyde Russell..[2014-7-30]
China oil demand rises 2.7% vs year ago..[2014-7-30]
Coal bed methane takes company from the red into the black..[2014-7-30]
PLN in CNG breakthrough..[2014-7-30]
Athabasca Oil Corp downgraded on PetroChina troubles..[2014-7-29]

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